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Polyurethane Insulated Tanks




In Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) Storage Tanks with polyurethane insulation, the main tank is covered with polyurethane. Due to the strong adhesion of the polyurethane to the application surface, the contact of the surface with the air is cut off and corrosion is also prevented. The coating jacket, which covers the polyurethane insulation and is usually made of aluminum, prevents both the damage of the insulation from mechanical impacts and the destruction of possible moisture on the insulation.


Polyurethane insulated liquid carbon dioxide tanks can be produced horizontally or vertically according to customer demand. Liquid carbon dioxide tanks are designed and produced in capacities ranging from 1-100 m3 according to the customer's demand. The maximum working pressure of carbon dioxide tanks is 24 bar.


Polyurethane insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide tanks are compactly designed and easy to install. The electronic systems and pressure transmitters required for the use of the tank are located on the media 6 level indicator or the loadcell tank necessary to measure the amount of Liquid Carbon dioxide in the tank. The cooling unit required to prevent the liquid carbon dioxide in the tank from being affected by the temperature ensures that the polyurethane insulated tank operates more efficiently.


AS Cryogenics, offers polyurethane insulated liquid carbon dioxide tanks to its customers, without sacrificing quality, with ergonomic design and reasonable price assurance.