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Liquid CO2 Storage Tanks




Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas in low concentrations under normal conditions. It is indicated by the symbol CO2. CO2 exists in liquid form below the critical point temperature (31°C) and above the Triple point (-56.6°C and 5.18 bar (a) pressure). It is important in the storage and transportation of liquid-state CO2, as well as in cooling and freezing processes.

In order for carbon dioxide to be stored in liquid form for a long time, the tanks to be manufactured must be designed considering the critical point feature of the substance and a pressure of 22 bar or less and temperature values (-18°C) must be maintained. For this reason, it is very important to provide a strong thermal insulation of the tanks to be produced. In addition, a cooling unit to reduce the temperature of the liquid carbon dioxide in the tank and the necessary equipment to give a warning in case of possible failure should be on the tank.

The liquid carbon dioxide tanks we produce can be designed vertically or horizontally according to customer demand. AS Pressure Vessels manufactures products that best meet the needs of its customers, thanks to its know-how and engineering capabilities in the pressure vessels sector. Considering the needs of our customers, from the design of the tanks to the commissioning, we strive to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Satisfying our customers who prefer us as AS Pressure Vessels family is our greatest reward.