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Atmospheric Evaporator




Evaporators are needed to convert cryogenic liquids Liquid Oxygen(LOX), Nitrogen(LIN) and Argon(LAR) and Liquid Carbon Dioxide(LCO2) into gas. Atmospheric evaporators allow the cryogenic liquid to evaporate quickly and be presented to users in gaseous form without the need for an external energy source.


Atmospheric Evaporators (Vaporizers) are produced from star-finned aluminum materials with high thermal conductivity. Thanks to the star-finned aluminum structure of the atmospheric evaporators, the air flow is transmitted from the ends to the body and large-scale heat transfer is realized.


Atmospheric Evaporators are designed and manufactured to operate at a maximum working pressure of 40 bar and between +59°C and -279°C. High pressure evaporators are produced by placing stainless steel pipes inside star finned aluminum pipes.


AS Cryogenics precisely evaluates the factors that directly affect the evaporator performance, such as the amount of fluid, operating time, ambient temperature, relative humidity, freezing time, geographical height of the region where the evaporator operates, wind, solar radiation, operating pressure, as design parameters, in order to meet the need in different capacities, low and high manufactures pressure evaporators.