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Support After Sale

Support After Sale


As AS Pressure Vessels, our primary goals are to understand our customers well, to create a sense of trust in our customers and to find the best solutions for our customers' needs. AS Pressure Vessels aims to find alternative solutions to customer problems at every opportunity and to create a customer base that can get the necessary support. After-sales support services are offered in the following areas.



It is the provision of the necessary technical services for the installation of our products, whose sales process has been completed, at the customer's site. These services are offered to our business partners in order to support their sales processes.


Technical Trainings

These are the trainings in which the working principle of the tanks, the introduction of the accessories on the tank and possible fault detection and solution ways are given to our customers regarding the products we deliver.



All the tanks we produce are delivered to the customer under the guarantee of our company within the scope of mutual agreements. All faults arising from production during the warranty period are under the guarantee of our company without any conditions and are quickly resolved.


Spare part

Every product we manufacture is coded with a separate serial number and spare parts of all accessories used in tanks are available in our company stocks if customers need it.